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Amber & Hazelwood Necessities

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Amber Necklaces

At some point in your beautiful baby's life, those precious moments will hit a painful phase while your baby endures the pain of teething. Fortunately, us here at Zoolikins are well versed on how to handle teething pain. An Amber Necklace is a great way to get that toothy smile back! We stock a wide variety of Amber so you can choose your favorite style. Best of all, Amber Necklaces can be used for any type of pain! Teething pain, growing pains, you name it! Not to fret, we stock only genuine Baltic Amber. None of that fake stuff! We want your baby to be happy and pain-free.

Hazelwood Necklaces

Just as good, though a little less well known, Hazelwood Necklaces are an excellent, natural remedy to ease any pain that your baby may experience from acid reflux.