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Milk Supply Teas & Tinctures

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Breastfeeding Help For Mom and Baby

Whether you’re a first time mom or you’ve just had your third baby, breastfeeding can bring new challenges with each new baby. A low milk supply is the most common problem that nursing moms run into. Thankfully, us here at Zoolikins want your breastfeeding journey to be exactly how it should be; happy, healthy, and easy as can be. Nursing your baby is more than just providing her with nutrients and a full belly. Breastfeeding should be a time to bond with your baby. So when new challenges arise, we hope that we can help you overcome and keep nursing!

How To Boost Your Milk Supply

We carry the best products to help supplement and encourage your milk supply to bring it back to the production that you and your baby need. Nursing teas, herbs, tinctures, and capsules that contain galactagogues can be the easiest way to boost your milk supply. We provide products whose ingredients will help promote healthy lactation.