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Parents-To-Be Sleep Class

About the Instructor:

Come join Hannah Peterson, the number one publicly rated sleep consultant in all of Arizona and learn the secrets of sleep. Hannah Peterson owns and runs A to Z Sleep Solutions, but also raises four children of her own and pulls from her experience as a pediatric nurse in New Zealand, her certified training as a sleep consultant, as well as her years and hundreds of clients that she has worked with all over the world.

Class Description:

This FREE class will lead parents through sleep expectations for their baby's first six weeks of life.

This class will address topics such as:

  • What to expect from your newborn in regards to sleep
  • How to change their days and night around
  • Newborn Sleep Myths
  • Setting realistic sleep expectations for newborns
  • The importance of Naps
  • How to settle a newborn (Harvey Karp 5’s S).
  • Safe Sleep Practices
  • Helpful biological sleep tips on how to set up your nursery to ensure optimal sleep environment along with helpful newborn items to consider.

Mini Social

Date & Duration:
Saturday July 14th. 1 pm - 2 pm
Saturday September 8th. 9 am - 10 am
Total of 60 minutes including time for Q&A.


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